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NFL Week 13 Picks

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Last week the Bischoff model strayed from Nate Silver’s Elo and Microsoft’s Cortana model in key games. These games proved to be the deciding factor in giving the Bischoff model a large leap forward.

Here are the outcomes from Week 12:

Week 12 Outcomes

Arizona’s loss was a hit to the Bischoff model, however Cleveland’s win and Baltimore’s win gave it the edge over the other two models. To-date, Nate Silver leads the models still by one game. The break down of the model’s current season:

Bischoff Model: 121-54-1

Nate Silver’s Elo: 122-53-1

Microsoft’s Cortana: 116-59-1

Moving forward into Thanksgiving’s lineup, here are the model’s predictions:

Week 13 Predictions

Key games to look for between the models are Seattle at San Francisco, Philadelphia at Dallas, and New England at Green Bay. Each of these games will play a role in changing the current ranking of the models.

Hope everyone has a happy Thanksgiving!



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