2016 Atlas MLB Predictions

Atlas is a statistical model created to predict the outcomes of each MLB game. Atlas currently predicts MLB games straight-up. To predict, Atlas uses 12 variables from each team and an additional 6 situational variables to calculate the probabilities below. The team variables include the number of games a team has played, the win percentage at home and away of a team, and the number of runs scored by team. While situational variables include variables such as the day of the week a game is played.

To view Atlas’ predictions for a particular game and their outcomes, please use the date drop-down menu below to view game predictions by day throughout the season.¬†Atlas’ performance by day and cumulative performance of the season will be tracked below.

Atlas also computes the projected MLB standings, and recalculates as the season progresses.

Finally, Atlas tracks cumulative MLB scores earned and allowed throughout a season and plots each teams’ performance.

Have thoughts on the predictions? See a missing game or an incorrect score? Leave a comment below or send us an email at TrevorBischoff@gmail.com

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