NFL Week 14 Picks

NFL Week 14 Picks

While the model’s this week did not come out on an impressive note, this week does hold some important implications.

This week the Bischoff model (132-59-1) has surpassed Nate Silver’s Elo model (131-60-1) on season picks, which was realized on Thanksgiving through the picks of Philadelphia and Seattle.  Meanwhile Microsoft’s Cortana (126-65-1) is still struggling to keep up, but did venture from the other two models and had a successful pick of Green Bay against New England.

Here are the outcomes of week 13:

Week 13 Outcomes


Heading into Week 14, Nate Silver’s Elo strays away from Microsoft’s Cortana as well as Bischoff’s model. Disagreeing with Tennessee and Philadelphia, both home. While Microsoft’s Cortana is favoring Kansas City over Arizona on Arizona’s turf.

Besides the difference above, the models all agree on picks, which, as we learned this past week, does not mean they’re correct.

Here is the full breakdown:

Week 14 Predictions



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